Evidence Based Policy or Political Pressure?

Event held on June 19, 2018, at the Sofitel Europe Brussels.

The European Commission prides itself on the technocratic nature of its decision-making procedure. However, recently political goals and popular demand seem to have overridden evidence-based policy making on certain occasions. How can the EU ensure that scientific proof and evidence-based policy making remain at the core of EU institutions? Should the European Parliament find a balance between scientific evidence and popular demand, or is one more important than the other? How can we ensure that political debates are informed by facts and figures, rather than fueled by emotional scaremongering?

Chair: Cécile Philippe, Director, Institut économique Molinari

– Amjad Bashir MEP, ECR Group

– Brian Dunphy, EU Affairs Manager, JTI

– Patrik Stroemer, Public Affairs-Expert, Swedish Food Federation, & Secretary General, Swedish Association of Snus Manufacturers

– Zilvinas Silenas, President, Lithuanian Free Market Institute

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