Securing a Bright Future for the European Market

EPICENTER, un nouveau Centre d’information regroupant 6 think tanks européens – le Civismo (Espagne), l’Institut économique Molinari (France), l’Institute of Economic Affairs (Royaume-Uni), l’Istituto Bruno Leoni (Italie), le Lituanie Free Market Institute et Timbro (Suède) –, sera lancé officiellement les 14 et 15 octobre lors d’une conférence de deux jours à Bruxelles.

EPICENTER, the European Policy Information Center, is an independent initiative of six leading think tanks from across the European Union. It seeks to inform the EU policy debate and promote the principles of a free society by bringing together the economic expertise of its members.

EPICENTER is formed by Civismo (Spain), the Institut Economique Molinari (France), the Institute of Economic Affairs (UK), Istituto Bruno Leoni (Italy), the Lithuanian Free Market Institute and Timbro (Sweden). Like its members, EPICENTER is politically independent and fully privately funded.

EPICENTER will be launched with a two-day conference in Brussels on 14th and 15th October. Across the two days, we will host a range of panel discussions in the European Parliament on the key issues that will shape EU policy in the coming years and decades. These include the digital economy, trade policy, energy security and competition, financial regulation, free movement and welfare, and public health.

Speakers will include Philippe de Backer MEP; Lucian Cernat, Chief Trade Economist, European Commission; James Waterworth, Head of European Affairs at the Computer and Communications Industry Association; and other high-profile representatives from the European Parliament, the Commission, business and academia.

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