The eighth annual European Resource Bank Meeting Hosted by the: International Taxpayers Committee

The eighth annual European Resource Bank Meeting will be held in Yalta on 19-22 May, 2011.

An exciting program planned for the 8th annual European Resource Bank, to be held in Yalta Ukraine this May, awaits you!

Prominent politicians, academics, journalists, entrepreneurs, and Think Tank representatives have committed themselves to speak. We are looking forward to thoughtful contributions on such important topics as deficits, the future of the Euro, or the lack of structural reforms. Besides all this, it is our impression that a strong desire surfaces to act, and more precisely to act jointly.

Such crisis and questioning translate into a huge opportunity to promote free market, responsibility and limited government. Yet, are we ready to offer solutions and not only a global vision to the public? On the social side, the ERB will include an opening reception at the stunning castle of Massandra’s with views across the famous vineyards.

The Cocktail Reception is sponsored by Liberty Fund and will lead to a closing dinner.

If you would like to attend, please register at www.resourcebank.eu or contact us at contact@resourcebank.eu

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