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Valentin Petkantchin

Monday 8 June 2009.


Mr. Petkantchin holds a doctorate in economics and a master’s degree in communications media and economics training from the University of Aix-Marseille III in France. He was a research fellow and a lecturer in economics within that same university. Mr. Petkantchin was research director at the Montreal Economic Institute between 2004 and 2006, intervening regularly on Canadian TV, radio and in press media on Canadian public policy issues.

Valentin Petkantchin has published numerous articles on various issues. His articles are published by the most prstigious Anglophone and Francophone newspapers in Europe and North America. He is the author of a book in the field of history of economic thought and the work of Adam Smith, entitled Les sentiments moraux font la richesse des nations (Moral sentiments make the weatlh of nations). He was an Associate Researcher with the IEM until 2014.

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